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September 2020 issue


Tax and tax management

Tax collector in chief

As head of the finance division at Zambia Revenue Authority, Brigitte Nangoyi Muyenga FCCA looks to optimise the country’s tax take



Digital and technology

Make way for the chatbot!

Technology that automates accounting processes and interactions with clients is fast becoming an essential tool



Financial management and forecasting

Nigeria pursues accruals

The West African country has set an ambitious target for the switch from cash to accrual accounting, but the clock is ticking and considerable challenges remain


Derby-winning jockey and ACCA student Emmet McNamara is looking to build a future career in accountancy

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Walter Escaño ACCA, Asia Pacific IT portfolio and IT finance lead, Johnson & Johnson Group (Singapore), describes his accountancy journey and why he supported ACCA’s expansion in the Philippines

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As head of advanced tax rulings at the Ministry of Finance, Stavroula Vrasida FCCA has her attention focused on the country’s future stability

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