Running water

Nicosia Water Board’s chief accountant balances a demanding role with triathlon training and voluntary work in an art gallery


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Tax and tax management

Battle of the taxes

Flagship US reforms failed to extract more tax from home-grown giants, but a global deal might succeed



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Work and wellbeing

The pros and cons of power

Powerful people may feel more positive – but it could be at the expense of those around them


Ludovic Magic FCCA, of St Kevin's College Toorak, on the challenges for finance teams in education

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David Woodward FCCA, finance director at Savvi Credit Union, on the sector's transformation

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Diamonds have propelled De Beers’ Susanne Swaniker-Tettey FCCA to a group role in the UK

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For Atif Mirza FCCA, country head of finance for Airbus in Saudi Arabia, an understanding of the entire business is crucial

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