I had in mind to become an accountant or bank manager even before the age of 10. I pursued with this goal right through to my polytechnic studies and became an ACCA member in 2009. This path led me to fulfilling experiences across financial analysis and strategic planning with a household name in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. I developed an interest in corporate strategy, so studied for an MBA in this from Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands.

Working across functions excites me. I have had the opportunity to partner commercial and supply departments for accounting, enhanced decision making, treasury, risk management systems, customer debt restructuring and leading business compliance regulations. Currently, I’ve taken on a business development and operational management role at the Takoradi branch of vehicle dealer CFAO Ghana, part of the largest automobile network in Africa and the French overseas territories.

Covid-19 has been a challenge for us all. CFAO Ghana quickly activated its business continuity plans, so while sales and debt recovery have been challenged, business is picking up steadily.

I enjoy the corporate world. I find telling the stories behind the figures and strategic business partnering with other departments to deliver solutions fulfilling. This is what has kept me in corporate roles.

I’ve taken some risks during my career. One such risk was taking on a purely accounting role, which was not my strength, and recently, accepting a commercial role that included business development. This is a challenge for me. Two months in, I am really excited about developing my commercial skills.

I find telling the stories behind the figures and strategic business partnering with other departments fulfilling


I’ve had a number of successes in my career. Prominent among them is rising up through three roles in the CFAO Group within just five years. I am proud of taking control of my life to enable me to live purposefully, facing my fears and thus boosting my confidence through my own efforts.

If I wasn’t an accountant I might have ventured into a creative field, perhaps in design, fashion or journalism. Or maybe business, or criminal law, would have suited my aptitudes.

If I had law-making powers I would work to reduce child poverty. I’d enact laws that severely punish people whose irresponsible actions leave children on the streets of Africa. I would also like to see a culture of cleanliness where people do not litter the environment.

Encouraging people to live a purposeful life makes me tick. I write and share inspirational messages, which I call ‘Woman of Strength Quotes’. At home, I like to experiment with a variety of cooking recipes and love to read books – I intend to start writing one of my own in the near future. Above all, spending quality time with my family lightens my day.