My accountancy career was conceived while I was pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in business administration. A friend was studying ACCA over the weekends alongside her degree. She told me that once qualified she would be able to work anywhere in the world. I was impressed. I decided to pursue ACCA, and changed my major to accounting.

I graduated in May 1999 and got my first job as an accountant almost straightaway. In 2002, I was fortunately able to get a job as a finance officer with an NGO that paid my ACCA fees. This was the beginning of my ACCA journey, and I am so grateful for my employer’s sponsorship. ACCA’s network of accountants has had a huge influence on my career, as did the friend who suggested ACCA. I served on the ACCA Uganda network panel between 2008 and 2011, including being the chapter chair.

I joined leadership and management consulting firm Aclaim Africa in 2003. I rose to be a senior accounting consultant before being promoted to the position of finance manager in its financial services bureau.

I’ve turned my gardening hobby into a profitable garden centre business called Maua and More

I then worked with Traidlinks, a not-for-profit that assists SMEs to develop export trade. I found I enjoyed working in the sector and so later worked part-time as head of finance at international development charity Fields of Life East Africa. In the same period I co-founded Zaddock Associates, becoming first its director of finance and training. I’m now its managing director. I’m also an entrepreneur trainer and consultant certified by the Regent University Center for Entrepreneurship.

In 2011 I was awarded a scholarship by Canon Collins Trust, which enabled me to attain an MBA from Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh Business School. This has motivated me to give back by offering mentorship to young accountants.

We had to work home for more than two months during this Covid-19 pandemic. I pivoted to conducting training sessions virtually. When the office was allowed to reopen, I realised that I preferred virtual working. I have therefore continued to train and conduct meetings online, and rarely have face-to-face engagements.

My biggest achievements are running my own consultancy firm and creating employment opportunities. I enjoy being able to empower people and transform businesses so consultancy suits me. I’ve also turned my gardening hobby into a profitable garden centre business called Maua and More. I started gardening at the age of nine and it remains my passion.

IT and artificial intelligence fascinate me. I think I would have pursued a career in IT if I wasn’t an accountant.