I became interested in audit while preparing for my ACCA audit and assurance exam in 2014. Businesses that need the services of auditors provide varied career opportunities to build a whole host of business and communication skills.

After completing an MBA and gaining the ACCA Qualification in 2017, I moved to Australia in search of a better future. I was fortunate to pass the interview at my first attempt and joined Deloitte Australia.

My role involves planning, organising and leading the audit engagement, and providing training for team members. I’m currently acting as a senior analyst and now have a greater responsibility to lead the team and facilitate the entire audit cycle to ensure engagements are completed on a timely basis. This includes providing solutions to address key issues, making audit findings, complying with audit methodology and ensuring our clients are happy with our services.

In audit, no two days are the same, which is what I enjoy most. Two-thirds of my time is spent at client sites. I really enjoy client interaction and the opportunity to work with various companies to get an overall picture of how they are performing.

I believe that, due to the pandemic, relationships are getting stronger and expectation of delivery is a lot clearer

The other thing I enjoy is working closely in teams, so we can cover as much ground as possible and check each other’s work. Audit work requires professional scepticism, objectivity and good communication. Rather than sitting behind a desk all day, we are working with our peers as a team to provide accurate financial information to investors and to build trust in capital markets.

The business and the profession have changed since the day I started my career at Deloitte. At university, I used to hesitate when asking questions, worrying it might be silly, but my view has changed since being at Deloitte. As an auditor, we are encouraged to ask questions, as seeking knowledge is never a stupid endeavour and there is no such thing as a silly question.

Technology is transforming the audit process and driving changes in business models. It demands a more proactive and forward-looking approach. The outbreak of Covid-19 has extensively disrupted business, which has had to act rapidly to ensure continuity.

I believe that, due to the pandemic, relationships are getting stronger and expectation of delivery is a lot clearer. But we should also understand that certain audit and due diligence procedures, such as required site visits, inspection of original documents, confirmations and interviews, cannot be substituted in full, and postponement of audit completion may be inevitable in some situations. Quality should always top the priority list.

I aspire to a level of autonomy in my role. I want to effectively train others, to develop teams and see them realise their maximum potential. This involves giving them different opportunities and challenging them to achieve greater success and not to be complacent. My personal aspiration is to become FCCA and to create social impact in and outside the business.