I work for EY Myanmar as an assistant manager in the financial and accounting advisory services team. The thing I like most about my job is that EY global invests millions annually in learning and development.

Being a devotee of chasing the latest updates, I have the chance to learn in my free time; such knowledge will come in handy when providing services to clients and in my future career.

Most businesses in Myanmar are under threat from the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, conglomerates and SMEs are seeking new strategies in order to ensure survival. For instance, digital transformation is an imperative and overarching strategy.

Networking is a way of adding value to our individual perspective, ideas, thinking, innovation, career and futures

Meanwhile, all businesses are trying to align with technological advancements pertaining to virtual meetings, working from home and providing services to clients or customers online only.

Networking is a way of adding value to our individual perspective, ideas, thinking, innovation, career and future. In this constantly changing and volatile world, we can’t be agile on our own; we need good networks. Dissemination of information within professional networks will progress society far quicker and better than if we operate in isolation.

An area of business that has seen significant change in Myanmar is insurance. The country has the lowest insurance penetration rate in the region; however, liberalisation is a flagship reform of the new government.

Before 2012, the insurance market had been solely dominated by the state-owned Myanma Insurance. In 2012, the first local private insurers were issued licences; there are now 11.

After liberalisation in 2019, five foreign companies were granted licences to issue life insurance policies through wholly-owned subsidiaries while six foreign insurers were permitted to operate as joint ventures between foreign and local firms.

My ACCA journey has been the biggest and best decision of my life. I feel a great sense of pride in being an ACCA member. ACCA courses teach me not only about accounting, auditing, finance, business, tax, leadership and business law, but also how to continue learning for my career beyond ACCA.

Professionally, I aspire to be a high-quality accounting and finance professional capable of discerning the best strategies from a situation’s problems and challenges.

In my free time, I want to spend my life travelling, enjoying music, and being with friends and colleagues.