I started off my career in 2015 as an articled clerk with Grant Thornton in Harare. Once I’d completed my articles in 2018, I joined Grant Thornton UK, based in Cardiff, as an audit executive for a year. On my return to Zimbabwe, I stepped up to become an audit manager at Baker Tilly Central Africa. My portfolio of clients has spanned industries such as banking, manufacturing and NGOs.

In making my career choice, I followed in the footsteps of my mother. She trained with one of the Big Four firms in Zimbabwe. Her training was a firm foundation and opened opportunities across accounting, auditing, banking and corporate finance. Her successful career and its diversity influenced my decision to study for the ACCA Qualification.

Audit gives me the opportunity to explore various companies in diverse industries. It gives me exposure to different business dynamics. This calls for strategic thinking on how to handle each business and create value for each client. Practice also allows me to meet different people in multiple environments and create business networks.

I stepped out of my comfort zone when I went to the UK to work for Grant Thornton. It was my first time leaving home and going to a different country and continent. The working culture is different too. In Zimbabwe we had to go to the office every day; in the UK you could work from home as long as you met your targets.

The use of technology in audits is also more advanced in the UK. This was a bit of a strain as I had to catch up with the tech before I could carry out the actual audit. But it was a great learning experience.

My job normally requires me to go to clients and interact with them face-to-face. Of course, this is no longer possible due to Covid-19. Working from home has not been an easy transition, but that paradigm shift is now necessary for both auditors and clients to enable audits to be conducted offsite.

There are three things I love about my job. I enjoy the diversity of my clients, the business networking activities, and the evolution of the audit role into a strategic stakeholder position in every business. It also gives me the opportunity to lead and mentor others.

My ACCA Qualification has been my greatest achievement so far. lt has opened doors worldwide and afforded me many opportunities. ACCA has given my career a strong foundation.

l would have been an air hostess if I wasn’t an accountant. I love travelling and touring new places, which luckily I can still do as an accountant.

Outside work, I also love baking, which l consider an art. I find creating cakes of all kinds, shapes and sizes highly fulfilling.