The ACCA Qualification appealed to me as a great springboard from which to launch into a rewarding career. I felt that the diverse areas of study would lay a very good foundation, equipping me with many skills essential to the growth of economies. I have now worked extensively in internal and external auditing roles across several sectors, acquiring experience in risk management, corporate governance, compliance, business analysis, project management and risk advisory.

My late father, a transport economist by profession. He was an industrious man with a keen interest in consultancy, project implementation and evaluation. His patience, work ethic and professionalism greatly influenced my own character and working style.

Towards the end of my training contract I became a mother for the first time. I value spending time with my children, so the greater flexibility of a corporate role attracted me to business rather than practice.

I worked as a business analyst during a break from internal audit, which was a deviation from my career path. However, it was an enriching experience in a very fast-paced and innovative company and did much to broaden my perspectives of business planning and project management.

If I could change a law, I’d look at restraint of trade clauses in employment contracts. Such clauses seek to prevent former employees from subsequently working with the employer’s competitors and can have negative impacts on career growth and opportunities.

Covid-19 necessitated a radical change in my management style, which usually entails much personal interaction. With the introduction of lockdown periods we switched to data devices and had to acclimatise ourselves to applications such as Zoom for meetings. However, this enabled the department to continue operating efficiently.

My job as an internal audit manager resonates with my personality as I am extrovert and empathic. This lets me communicate effectively with people in various departments, helping them to identify areas where opportunities exist. I also enjoy the learning experience, which has contributed to continued growth in my career path.

One of my biggest achievements as an auditor involved ending the silo mentality in an organisation I worked for, which emanated from the top, by deploying a highly interactive audit methodology in our assignments. Breaking down the barriers to communication and increasing cross-functional collaboration were key to achieving strategic goals. This helped position internal audit as a value-adding department.

If I weren’t an accountant, I’d be a psychologist. I am fascinated by the human mind and interested in working closely with people.

I enjoy cooking for my two little boys, and watching cooking shows and home decor channels. I like creating boards on Pinterest to inspire my entrepreneurial endeavours.