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You may be familiar with ACCA Careers, in a ‘passing glance’ kind of way. You might have seen it mentioned in AB magazine or seen an ACCA job ad shared on social media. But then some of you might be registered on the site and actively look for and (we hope) find roles.

But how well do you really know ACCA Careers? After all, in one form or another it has been around a long time (it’s over 20 years young), been through several makeovers and can now confidently claim to be more than just a jobs board.


ACCA Careers provides members with access to job opportunities globally. So in that sense, it is a jobs board – with over 190,000 finance roles live on the site in July, from companies such as EY, Apple, PwC Amazon, Nestlé and Deloitte, to name just a few of the multinationals, alongside many small and medium-size businesses and practices.

And this recruitment activity is growing, even despite the undeniable impact on economies and recruitment from Covid-19. Much of this speaks to the quality of ACCA members: employers want ACCA-qualified people and ACCA Careers is a way to access this talent pool of nearly 230,000 members.

Our service has progressed in step with jobs-board technology to be a cutting edge, dynamic and user-friendly interface, enjoyed by over 135,000 registered users. But scratch beneath this surface and you will find that ACCA Careers is a whole lot more.

More than just a job board

ACCA works closely with employers on small-to-large-scale recruitment campaigns to bridge the gap between the employer and the candidate. It also partners with CV experts and career coaches to bring quality, trustworthy advice through webinars and special offers, such as free CV reviews from our partner, CV Writers, or discounted career reviews with another partner, Personal Career Management.

Then there is the careers advice section with its stream of fresh content tailored specifically to the careers concerns and ambitions of ACCA members and future members. You’ll also find here videos and articles by career performance psychologist Dr Rob Yeung.

Global outreach

ACCA Careers has the full weight of ACCA’s global marketing and engagement infrastructure supporting your employability.

ACCA teams all over the world use ACCA Careers as a tool to engage with both the membership and employers – they connect the two, bringing them together as part of a wider conversation around values, quality, innovation and of course employability.

It’s worth remembering here that ACCA has a presence in 176 countries and maintains more than 80 partnerships globally, including with large and small businesses, governments, educational establishments and trend makers. ACCA also works with national bodies in 49 countries and has 17 joint exam partnerships to ensure recognition for its members.

So we invite you to leverage this global influence and access these resources as you progress your career to the next level.


Neil Johnson, journalist