I have loved numbers since I was a kid and I decided to study economics while at high school. There is a logic behind each transaction, and I think that numbers have the power to speak and tell stories.

During my last year of studying accounting and auditing at the University of Tirana in Albania, I was told by a friend that Mazars in Albania was hiring. I got a role in the tax and accounting department. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to learn the principles of accounting and much more.

I am a curious person, so I wanted to experience the corporate world. After three years at Mazars I was hired by Tobacco Holding Group in Albania, which specialised mostly in distribution, construction and real estate. I stayed there for a year before moving back to practice, this time with PwC in Albania.

I would like to introduce laws that prioritise women, especially mothers of young children

I believe learning has no age limit. If a job has new things to learn, then it is made for me, and I think working in practice helps this.

I enjoyed my experience at PwC, working for the best businesses in Albania and being part of the biggest projects. I learnt so many things here and I became a better professional.

As a developing country, Albania can have fewer opportunities. So I decided to move to Belgium this spring and was hired by Deloitte in Brussels. Migration is not easy, especially during Covid-19 when you have to work remotely. However, the future looks bright and all the challenges seem worth it.

Since 2018, I have also been teaching at the University of Tirana’s Economic Faculty. Being able to contribute to the new generation, which is the future of our country, hearing students’ ideas and seeing their new ways of learning has been a blast for me.

If I had law-making powers, I would like to introduce laws that prioritise women, especially mothers of young children. This may sound like feminism, but we are all conscious of their struggles and they should not be treated in the same way as other employees. They should work less during the week, but be paid for a full one.

I believe my biggest achievement is yet to come. However, I am proud of being an ACCA member, which has been an important step in my career. Its reputation has enabled me to work in another country and the knowledge I have gained has helped me throughout my journey.

If I were not an accountant I would be doing something related to literature. I have always loved reading. Sometimes I start reading a new author and then read all the books published by that same writer.

I enjoy travelling, especially places that are totally different from one’s own country, in history, tradition, food and culture. There are many differences out there and so many crossroads, but in the end the destination is quite similar.

During the pandemic, I also started to appreciate sports. I think a healthy life is based on doing some sport.