ACCA’s Council met virtually on 16 November 2021 and considered a number of matters prior to the AGM, including reports from the chief executive and Council Board, the standing orders for the following year and the annual reports from the Council Board, Regulatory Board and standing committees.

ACCA’s annual Council meeting, also held virtually, took place on 18 November 2021, immediately following ACCA’s 116th AGM.

Council elected ACCA’s officers for the coming year. The new president is Orla Collins. She will be supported by Joseph Owolabi (deputy president) and Ronnie Patton (vice president).

Council welcomed five new members, whose election was declared at the AGM: Ernest Wong, Victoria Ajayi, Dani Saghafi, Oluwaseyi Oshibolu and Philip Maher. Council also welcomed the five re-elected members: Marta Rejman, Susan Allan, Dinusha Weerawardane, Cristina Gutu and Lock Peng Kuan.

Council took a number of other decisions at its annual meeting, including:

  • electing three Council members to serve on the Nominating and Governance Committee in 2021-22
  • adopting Council’s standing orders for 2021-22 in accordance with the bye laws
  • approving the Council regulations for 2022
  • agreeing the Council work plan and objectives for the year ahead.