My father has an accounting firm, so I grew up around financial statements and accounting terms. Getting such exposure early on inspired me to pursue having my own business one day.

I started my career in the audit department of EY, where I got my ACCA Qualification and became passionate about Excel modelling. After four years, I felt I wanted to move to a finance function at a manufacturing company.

I joined a fast-growing bicycle company, where I oversaw the financial reporting functions. The job required advanced knowledge of financial modelling and data analytics, and I quickly became aware of the lack of affordable financial software for SMEs. This is what catalysed my initial ideas around an online platform for automated financial analysis. I joined forces with a top software engineer and Magnimetrics was born.

I quickly became aware of the lack of affordable financial software for SMEs

Over the next few years, I spent my nights working on Magnimetrics while holding different day jobs. However, I was approached by HALO Diagnostics in 2021 and immediately decided to join the company. I lost my grandfather to cancer, and the opportunity to contribute to a business that aims to revolutionise cancer diagnostics was something I felt passionate about.

I moved to the corporate world from practice as I was always fascinated with complex processes and how information flowed within a company. After working in audit, I took on a corporate role to drive a more hands-on impact.

While Bulgaria still faces many political and economic issues, more young people are returning from abroad, bringing new perspectives and knowhow. Bulgaria has exceptional and affordable software developers, which has attracted many global companies to open engineering hubs here.

The challenges are rooted in the government’s inability to effectively support the demand for high-quality education. We need more young people in government functions who understand technology and can help the country fully realise its potential.

Working  with the HALO Diagnostics team in the US makes my job dynamic and demanding. However, the ability to be a part of this journey to change cancer patient diagnostics and treatment is incredibly fulfilling.

Magnimetrics started as a passion project, which has evolved into a real business. My partners and I are looking to automate the FP&A function and to disrupt this industry. I am excited about what we do; it doesn’t feel like work most of the time. We launched in November 2021 and are already seeing significant interest.

I enjoy Excel modelling, which is my favourite thing to do. Building and training my team is also a very rewarding experience.

If I had law-making powers, I would engage students in technical and financial education from an early age. I believe that some of the most exciting areas for innovation are at their intersection, and there is exceptional demand for people with this background.

Since school, I have enjoyed software development, so if I were not an accountant this is what I would work in. I am an avid skier, spending 20 to 30 days on the slopes each season. I also like to go on hikes and enjoy the occasional run. In addition, I've started a YouTube channel, which currently focuses on Excel modelling and data analysis.