I started my career in 2008 at Deloitte Azerbaijan, and later I was one of the first employees to join KPMG Azerbaijan’s new team. In 2014 I decided to move into industry, and I joined Gilan Holding. I then returned to practice as a director of PSC LLC in 2018. Since February 2021, I’ve been leading the UHY LLC practice as country managing partner.

As a ‘numbers man’, accounting attracted me during my university years. I believed that mathematical skills would help me to succeed in the field of finance. Accountants can look at the business without unnecessary emotions and grasp the real picture. We understand businesses better than any other profession, and not only in financial terms.

I believe universal basic income is the right of every person and feel that this is a vital part of sustainable development

After vital experience in some corporate roles I moved into consultancy, to which I always felt more attracted. I believe the consultant’s ‘serving’ approach is much stronger than the ‘executing’ approach of corporate employees.

Azerbaijan is entering a new era of political stability and economic development after the conclusion of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in November 2020. Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed that all economic and transport connections in the region should be unblocked. This will lead to stability in the region, strengthening economies and communications, while creating opportunities for the transportation, construction and tourism sectors for Azerbaijan and the Caucuses in general.

The government has made a significant contribution to attract foreign investment through legislative reforms and the creation of free trade zones. The recently launched Alat Free Economic Zone covers almost 1,000-hectares on the Caspian coast. However, overall economic development of the region, developing tax, business-related legislation and regional geopolitics are still a challenge for Azerbaijan.

We actively promote the idea that every single effort towards sustainability matters. We contracted a recycling company to collect all our paper and are now the whole business’ point of collection for used batteries.

I believe universal basic income is the right of every person and feel that this is a vital part of sustainable development. I understand that this is challenging for developing countries, but it is inevitable in the long term.

I really enjoy having an impact on people’s careers and education. Every year, we hire fresh graduates and help them with their careers. The accountancy profession is a great foundation for young minds who can progress in the field of finance. We encourage our employees to pursue the ACCA Qualification, as it is a key prerequisite for advancing through the profession.

Overall, my biggest achievement is my family. My spouse and I have three children. Professionally, one of my biggest achievements was to gain my qualification and later become an FCCA. Having this next to my name creates huge respect among fellow professionals.

If I were not an accountant, I’d be a mathematician like my father, as I always admired his academic career. I joined one of the local universities as a faculty member to share my knowledge and experience with the younger generation. Accounting is the language of business, but mathematics is the language of the universe. Once I retire from practice, I may well join the academic world.

Aside from work, I enjoy spending time with my children. Together we explore and have fun. I also like gardening and playing football in a Sunday League.