ACCA’s practising certificate experience forms (PCEF) offer a straightforward, albeit rigorous, way of recording the training required to achieve a practising certificate.

The PCEF allows ACCA members to demonstrate development and progression over a set period as they pursue a practising certificate, or a practising certificate and audit qualification.

Completing the PCEF is an essential part of the required development journey for ACCA members to become a partner in an accountancy firm or to set up their own practice.

Career evaluation

The PCEF has been given added impetus by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many members finding they have an opportunity to evaluate their career options.

It is set out in a logical and easy-to-follow format, with a wealth of resources available through the ACCA website, including webinars and guidance notes.

Employer involvement throughout the process is vital. ACCA Approved Employers must have a suitably qualified training principal in place who will work with the member to identify development areas and verify progress.

Once the PCEF has been approved, it can be ‘banked’ until the time a member wants to apply for a practising certificate. It is all about getting experience and having that experience recognised when it is current and relevant.

Further information

ACCA is running a webinar on 17 March to provide guidance for members considering their future practising options. It will also offer guidance on who needs a practising certificate and the practicalities of applying for one, as well as a brief overview of the PCEF requirements, and tips on how to complete the forms. Attendees can also participate in live question-and-answer discussions.

Comprehensive guidance can be found in the practising certificates and licences section of ACCA’s website, including further bite-sized webinars on the completion of the PCEF and the application process for a practising certificate.