I started my accounting career after high school. A teacher suggested I study accounting, which led me to the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) course before I joined the University of Computer Studies.

I was inspired to study ACCA and become a professional accountant while I was working  at local audit firm Kyu Kyu Win and Associates Services, where I spent 11 years.

I’ve worn many hats; I’ve always been a professional accountant, but I’ve also been an educator and a business owner. I worked for international hotel chain PARKROYAL, the British Council, local airline FMI Air and international telecom Ooredoo Myanmar before joining PwC Myanmar.

I feel lucky that I’ve been able to study what I’ve wanted to study and create the businesses I’ve wanted to create

After leaving PwC as a tax consultant in June 2021, I’m now managing three agriculture and forestry businesses. These plantations produce teak, acacia mangium, bamboo, mango, banana and moringa oleifera. I have set up a service company to provide accounting services and accounting training programmes, and an investment company to invest in real estate development. In addition, I have two monastic primary schools that are being run free of charge for local students. I employ a wide range of staff to help me run my businesses - full-time staff to oversee the plantations and part-time labour for maintenance, a manager and three full-time accountants for my accounting services company, and a headmaster and three teachers for the schools. I conduct monthly site visits to check in with everyone.

I don’t have a family background in business. My dad was a seaman who passed away when I was three. My mum worked in the same role for 25 years and was never promoted, which is saddening. She invested in some properties and ended up being cheated by the developer; this episode encouraged me to study accounting and business because not only would I be able to have a good career but I would also learn how to run businesses efficiently.

I feel lucky that I’ve been able to study what I’ve wanted to study and create the businesses I’ve wanted to create. Myanmar’s education system needs updating. If I could, I’d change how education is delivered; the system is heavily focused on memorising.

I’m really interested in education. I’d like to create an online learning platform so that students can continue their studies from home and teachers can earn money – another dream social business I’d like to develop.

If I weren’t an accountant, I’d teach children about finance. I’d have moved to the countryside, probably on a hill where the weather is pleasant and the air fresh. I’d also have grown vegetables and raised cattle and chickens.