My career started 14 years ago at an accounting firm called BVL & Co. in Kampala, Uganda. I was a university graduate hungry for knowledge and for a chance to make my mark in the world. A year later I joined EY Uganda, where I initially stayed for two years.

Having discovered a passion for banking, my next move was to a management accountant role at a commercial bank. After that I returned to EY Uganda, remaining there until 2018 when I transferred to EY Jersey and my current job.

There is no greater good than to be a part of building one another up

I chose to work for a while in banking because of a desire to understand its intricacies, which I found intriguing. My accounting role provided an opportunity to share ideas and learn from colleagues with a wealth of experience across various functions in banking. Armed with this new knowledge, I returned to practice an infinitely better consultant.

My father has been an accountant for nearly 50 years. While at secondary school, I would proof and edit financial reports at his firm to earn an allowance. I was enraptured by those numbers and their broader implications for businesses, and was inspired to pursue accounting at university.

Jersey is one of the major international financial centres in the world. It has well-developed structures to support businesses, especially in asset management, banking and insurance. A self-governing dependency of the UK, it is well positioned to be a leader in the climate, environmental, social, governance and digital spaces. As such, it offers worthwhile opportunities for career development.

Like many international markets, Jersey has a skills deficit. The government has set in place policies to encourage the skilling of the local population and to attract labour to match the growing demand on the island.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on younger people, in Jersey and beyond. If I had the power, I would require businesses and governments to increase the numbers of young people absorbed into skill and mentorship programmes, with the aim of improving their skills and empowering them.

My job, with its dynamic challenges, is an exciting workplace that keeps me evolving. It is a healthy space to learn and grow, both professionally and personally, while also providing an environment where experiences can be shared with other team members. Working with a culturally diverse group of people has also been a wonderful experience.

My biggest achievement has been the mentoring and coaching of colleagues and helping them achieve their greatest potential. I have a strong belief that there is no greater good than to be a part of building one another up – to take the good we see in others and then being part of making it better.

If I were not an accountant, I would have been a farmer. I love the smell of the soil between my fingers and the returns that come after a bountiful harvest.

I enjoy cycling, swimming and kayaking. I have also recently found pleasure in teaching my daughters coding. They are eager learners who always keep me on my toes.