I started to get involved in accounting when I entered Xiamen University in 2004. It was there that I was guided into the accounting profession by wise and experienced mentors. In my freshman year, I joined a specialised class run by the university and ACCA, and started my journey into accounting.

In 2006, which was the university's 85th anniversary, we wrote letters to the 'future me in 15 years', which were sealed in the archives. When I joined in the university's centenary celebrations this year, I read my letter again. I had written: 'As an ACCA member, keep being professional whenever and wherever you are!'

The road to reach one’s aspirations can be long, and it requires hard work and smart thinking

While I read the letter, I pondered the gap between idealism and reality. The road to reach one’s aspirations can be long, and it requires hard work and smart thinking.

I am currently working at the head office of China Industrial Bank, which manages more than RMB7 trillion in financial assets. My responsibilities include assets and liability management, which involves balancing the scales, price and risks to maximise business benefits.

It is challenging work as the macro and micro economy environments keep changing. Capital and money markets are unpredictable, while new policies and regulations are published frequently. Therefore, I need to refresh myself with new concepts and techniques to keep updated and think ahead.

However, the work is fascinating as I need continuous self-development, and have a great time cooperating with other professionals and colleagues.

Nowadays in mainland China, there is growing emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, which will refresh accounting and management logic and techniques. For example, the accounting and finance department will need to help businesses plan their routes to become carbon neutral, reallocate financial resources and make ESG investment decisions.

In the future, accountancy will not just be literal accountancy. Apart from the traditional concepts of assets and liability, income, profit and loss, it will also fuse more crossborder information, such as the low-carbon circular economy, research into human behaviour, and the need to make businesses more ecologically sustainable.

Being an ACCA member, I always keep an open mind in order to see changes in the world and develop a lifelong ability to learn.