My sister was my inspiration behind me becoming an accountant, as she was studying it at university. Growing up, I was good with maths, and I knew that when choosing a career I should be dealing with numbers. So I followed the same career path.

I enrolled with Botswana Accountancy College where I studied ACCA, becoming an affiliate in 2015. With my ACCA training but no work experience, I wanted an environment that would lay firm accounting foundations.

Just a month later, I joined Grant Thornton Botswana in the audit department. Within five years I was promoted to assistant manager and a year later to manager, my current position. I have been engaged in providing services to many different clients and industries, ranging from tourism and financial services to construction, manufacturing and mining. 

By the time I’m 40, I would like to be an employer not an employee

In practice, I am constantly learning, and I audit a vast clientele – hence more knowledge. The application of accounting and auditing standards over the years has produced a good auditor. I am hoping that in 10 years’ time I will be CEO of my own company. By the time I’m 40, I would like to be an employer not an employee.

Botswana is a great place to work. It provides a stable environment for its citizens and investors and has maintained peace since gaining independence in 1966. We have our own challenges, and 2020 was a very difficult year with the global pandemic, as we are still a growing economy and funds had to be diverted to assist with the Covid response.

Botswana is one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa. There are investment opportunities across many sectors. We have valuable resources – we the largest producer of diamonds in Africa, and uranium, copper, nickel, coal and manganese are all found here. Agriculture is also strong across arable, dairy, livestock and leather production. Information and technology is developing well, with e-commerce, software, app development and TV broadcasting. There are also good opportunities in health, pharmaceutical and biomedical enterprises.

We need to diversify our economy further. We need investors to invest, for example, in agri-business, power generation, particularly renewable energy products, such as solar and biofuels.

If I had law-making powers, I’d like to ensure that people who have applied for land are allocated that land within 10 years. In some cases people have waited for over 30 years! I’d also like to regularise house prices. Property is very expensive, making home ownership hard for many Batswana.

I enjoy the diversity that comes with my job. I’ve become knowledgeable in so many industries and I am constantly learning. This helps me improve all the time.

My biggest achievement has been completing ACCA. It has given me the platform to be a professional accountant. My career has progressed very well, as ACCA instilled in me the right skills and knowledge.

If I weren’t an accountant, I think I would still be an accountant! People are shocked when I tell them this was my dream growing up. I am working my dream career.

In my spare time I enjoy watching Netflix. I love Korean movies and dramas, and have learned basic Korean from watching them.