I started as an audit assistant with Deloitte Albania in 2001, and worked between Albania and Kosovo for four years. In 2005, PwC established a presence in Albania and I was one of the first employees. I joined Grant Thornton in 2015 and since then I have been focusing on growing our firm.

At university, I used to say that the only thing I would not do in my professional life was accountancy. Actually, working in accountancy and consultancy made me realise that there is real value to be delivered to businesses from that position.

Completing my ACCA studies made a big difference as it inspired me to continue my career as an accountant.

Albania is a vibrant economy emerging from a difficult past, with bright potential for the future

I choose to work in practice as I enjoy running a variety of projects for different clients. It allows me to meet people and to get a wider view of what innovation is taking place in different industries.

Albania is a vibrant economy emerging from a difficult past, with bright potential for the future. The country is moving towards EU membership, and it is strategically situated between Italy and Greece. It is great for ‘near-shoring’ of outsourced services for global corporates, and is increasingly being viewed as a regional hub for investors looking to establish a presence in the Balkans.

Significant investments are being contemplated in energy and in tourism, though agriculture remains important and is increasingly connected to the EU market.

On the downside, there’s more to be done in terms of enforcing law and contracts, and fighting corruption. However, the recent judicial system reform under the supervision of the US and EU is generating hope for investors.

If I had law-making powers in Albania, I would change the way fiscal legislation is drafted and enacted. I would ensure that significant changes in tax legislation are made only once in a four-year political mandate and within its first year.

Businesses would then have enough time to incorporate tax assumptions in their business plans. I would also revise downward some tax rates to make Albania more attractive to domestic and foreign capital.

What I enjoy most about my job is working with different clients and projects, having the chance to engage in mergers and acquisitions work. Staying up to date with the latest developments in finance and accounting allows me to be at the cutting edge of the profession, and I enjoy transmitting that knowledge to university students.

My biggest achievement is my family and my three boys. They provide a sense of purpose in life. Professionally, my biggest achievement is establishing Grant Thornton in Albania from scratch into what is now a solid, high-quality professional firm that is appreciated by young talent.

If I was not an accountant, I would have become an economic researcher and business analyst. Outside of work, I enjoy playing tennis and hiking.  I also like to travel to different countries with my family.