My father, two uncles and two elder cousins were all part of the accounting industry. Growing up in such an environment, I guess it was only a matter of time before it became my career too. I was inspired by the way accountancy acts as a support system for all businesses. Determined to be designated a chartered accountant, I chose to pursue the ACCA Qualification.

I was really excited to start my career with KPMG, and then a Nexia International member firm. I enjoyed the practice roles, but when offered a financial reporting position at luxury goods retailer Chalhoub Group, it was in the best interest of my career to take the opportunity.

The combination of external audit and corporate experience enabled me to get a solid grip on the entire cycle of processes from accounting to auditing.

Converting knowledge into my own consultancy is my biggest achievement to date

At Chalhoub I developed an interest in data science after the group hired an IT specialist to lead automation in the accounts department. Greatly intrigued, I made the difficult decision to travel to the UK for a master’s specialising in this field.

It was a career-defining move. During my master’s, I began to realise the scale and speed with which the application of data science was transforming industries. The room in this domain for creative development motivated me to establish my own data science consultancy.

Launching Maglytic amid a global pandemic posed some difficulties, but we decided to start operations nevertheless. Most organisations have been adversely impacted and our solutions aim to speed up their recovery process. Our services empower companies through increasing profits, better cost control and improved operational efficiency.

I believe that to be good at something you need knowledge, but to excel you must be relentlessly ambitious. Passion is the underrated superpower that can quickly take us from dreams to real destinations, but we also need to be actively responsible for our own learning curve.

As an entrepreneur in a data science start-up, I am sales, and accounts, and admin – I am any department for which a need arises. This presents an opportunity for unparalleled learning experiences, making every day an interesting challenge. Another enjoyable aspect of my role is the networking with people and working alongside my awesome team! 

Enrolling in an analytics course with a chartered accountancy background was daunting. Nonetheless, graduating with a distinction, developing a predictive maintenance model for Ford Motor Company and writing an academic paper have been greatly satisfying. However, converting the knowledge gained into my own consultancy is my biggest achievement to date. Although proud of myself, I must give credit to my supportive parents and friends, who are contributors in making this journey possible.

Had things worked out differently for me, instead of accounting or data analytics, I would be a pro racing driver. To ensure good mental and physical health, I keep myself busy with swimming and playing football. A session of Fifa with friends is always a good time, too.