Even at the age of seven, I knew I wanted to become an accountant. Then later, as an undergraduate I saw an ACCA advert with the slogan ‘The Global Accounting Qualification’. I knew I had to get that qualification – which I did, becoming a member in 2007.

My ACCA Qualification has certainly opened doors for me. In my final year of training I attended an interview in the entertainment sector and was offered a job on the spot. Next, my ACCA designation smoothed my path into an auditing role in the oil and gas sector, working in internal audit at the Sahara Group. My skills were noticed and appreciated, so I was transferred to treasury and later to the group’s accounts department, Sahara Energy Resources.

I’ve certainly stepped out of my comfort zone and my path has never been straight and narrow

I joined the public sector because my young family needed my attention. I have spent over a decade in my state’s Internal Revenue Service and it has been an interesting journey.

Alongside my role at the revenue service, I am an assistant director of Synergy Professionals, an ACCA approved learning provider in Nigeria. I am also CEO of BooksbyEMO, a publisher of morally conscious and inclusive picture story books for children aged zero to seven, which have sold more than 12,000 units. My books are the activity that’s most important to me.

I really enjoy the work-life balance my roles afford me. I can’t do all three at once, so I rely on my support team and delegate so that I can be free to focus on core strategic activities. I also outsource many of the book functions, partnering with publishers, schools and book vendors.

I find inspiration for my books when I notice a challenge that children are facing. Currently, I’m writing a picture story book about teamwork. It will be a delight to write a novel for young adults about making the right choices, standing strong when facing difficult situations and handling peer pressure.

I’ve certainly stepped out of my comfort zone and my path has never been straight and narrow. Taking calculated risks is important and beneficial. It helps you grow.

My biggest achievement was qualifying for a Women in Leadership Award. The award, from Kent Business School in the UK, recognised my outstanding effort in the workplace as well as in the Nigerian literacy space.

Alongside my work and business, I am a panellist on a TV programme called The Advocate. If I weren’t an accountant, I’d maybe work as a TV presenter or an on-air personality as I love advocating for issues that I am passionate about.

I enjoy reading about history and events. And of course, I love spending time with my children and my spouse, travelling and dancing.