Advocacy winner

Oluyomi Akinyemi FCCA

I work in consulting at KPMG but when I joined the firm, I felt I needed to know more about how businesses are run. I took the ACCA Qualification and that experience was mind-blowing. I gained a broad understanding of how business works, including strategy and finance.

I felt that, if ACCA and its curriculum is at the cutting edge, I should support it in the way I can. So I was involved in a webinar on Data Analytics for Finance Professionals for members in Africa and wrote an article on the topic for AB. The idea was to engage with members on how they can better utilise the data assets they have and better position the accounting and finance profession in a more strategic role, where they are taking the lead on many data analytics initiatives.

I have also been supportive of ACCA Nigeria’s summit to reach out to young university graduates. I was part of a panel where my conversation was about analytics and how a young graduate gets into the finance profession. I have also spoken at a university to get young people interested in ACCA.

If we can all provide support in areas where we have strengths, it will help members to enrich their experience. As they function more effectively, it reinforces the reputation of the ACCA brand. Others will look up to them and aspire to be like them.

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