Council met on Saturday 13 March, with strategy workshops on inclusion held on Friday 12 March. Given the continued impact of Covid-19, both the strategy workshops and Council meeting were held virtually.

The Council meeting featured discussions and decisions on a number of important matters:

  • The president updated Council on the activities of the Officer team since the last meeting, including participation in the Accounting for the Future conference and International Public Sector Conference, a ‘meet the officers’ webinar and a number of recorded messages for new member ceremonies globally
  • Council received a presentation and report from the chief executive focused on strategic performance and key strategic matters and issues
  • Council received a report from the president on the Council board meetings that took place in December 2020 and February 2021, including the approved budget and targets for the organisation for 2021/22
  • Council received the annual report from the chair of the Regulatory Board, including progress on priorities, data on the operation of regulatory functions and progress made by the sub-boards
  • Council approved five candidates for admission to ACCA membership in accordance with Membership Regulation 3(f)
  • Council noted a report from the Qualifications Board, including the ratification of the December 2020 examination results
  • Council received a report from the president on the results of the Council performance appraisal exercise for 2019/20
  • Council received a report of the meeting of the Nominating and Governance Committee held on 11 December 2020.

Council’s next meeting will be held virtually on 3 July 2021.