Advocacy winner

Tim Kelland FCCA

The ACCA Qualification has opened doors personally and professionally. I left school with no qualifications. It was only when I went to work with NHS Wales and could use my personality that people started questioning why my academic record was so bad. That changed my belief about myself and I studied for the ACCA Qualification. I never failed an exam again.

I love trying to inspire the next generation. If I see youngsters in the NHS who seem similar to me, who aren’t studying, I support them and encourage them to become ACCA-qualified accountants. I give visiting lectures at Swansea University to explain what accountancy is all about in the NHS and am an associate member of the UK Health panel.

I’m an ACCA advocate in many other ways. I am a member of ACCA’s UK Health Sector Member Network Panel and I set up the annual Wales ACCA Healthcare conference, which is thriving and aimed at students and qualified people.

I’ve had some amazing experiences. I was asked by the Welsh Government to go to Namibia for three months. I thought I was going over to teach, but I learnt far more from the people in Africa.

By joining ACCA’s wealth of networks you meet so many people. I encourage people, especially when newly qualified, to explore what’s there and develop their own network. A lot of my close friends I have met in my career through ACCA.

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