Advocacy winner

Rathnakala Kumaragurunathan FCCA

Although I also have other professional qualifications, I cannot think of life without ACCA now. Two years ago I became head of training for Acuity’s Knowledge Partner for the Colombo delivery centre. It is around this time that I faced a dark personal episode and decided to occupy myself with something intellectually value-adding. I researched various professional qualifications and chose to study for the ACCA Qualification.

As part of my role, I am often contacted regarding higher education and by those looking to invest in a sound professional qualification. Knowing what is out there first hand has allowed me to advise aspiring finance professionals better.

Advocacy is therefore second nature to me because I am able to talk with conviction about what the qualification does and how it prepares you to face real-life corporate decision-making scenarios.

I encourage other members to step out of their comfort zone, seek help and tell their story

I’m currently on the ACCA Member Network Panel in Sri Lanka, which allows me to extend my network to meeting future members and speaking to them on the importance of membership.

One of my mandates as part of a training and knowledge management function is to deliver guest lectures on technical and non-technical topics at universities. This gives me a forum to also speak about investing in a professional qualification, and how the ACCA Qualification opens doors to multiple career avenues and not to just being an accountant.

ACCA has a wonderful open-door culture. Having been an ACCA member for a little more than two years, I am amazed at the support and knowledge I have gained from the local country office. I therefore encourage other members to step out of their comfort zone, seek help and tell their story.

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