Advocacy winner

Bonnie Chan Kit Yee FCCA

I was a computer science student at university but wanted to gain an internationally-recognised, comprehensive qualification so I could step into the business field. After I finished my ACCA exams, I attended a networking event in Hong Kong to celebrate new members. I met someone with a similar background who was inspiring.

From that day I started to participate in ACCA member events including roundtables to discuss the future of accountants or the digitalisation of finance and accounting. I joined a Train the Trainer programme to promote the Strategic Business Leader syllabus. I’ve also been a business competition coach for university students. I share ACCA news on social media and joined the ACCA Global Run.

I don’t feel I need to do something big. If I can influence one person, he or she will also pay it forward. It’s like a ripple effect. I would like to encourage my peers to join our activities or post more on social media where appropriate to promote the ACCA brand. It goes both ways. I learned a lot from meeting different people.

I love that ACCA is an international qualification. When I moved to Canada last year, I needed to look for a job and I wanted to establish my network here. It’s easier with ACCA. You get support from the local office. They try to connect you to relevant people. They care about the members. I feel we are a big family.

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