I started off as an accounts clerk and worked my way up quickly. In the first five years of my career, I was able to move from being an accounts clerk in Trinidad and Tobago to a finance manager in the NHS, UK.

I completed my ACCA Qualification in two and a half years. I then worked in many different sectors and industries, before becoming managing director of a major organisation. In 2010, I quit the corporate world to complete my MBA from the Henley Business School. I did consultancy work from 2010 until 2018, when I started a small boutique practice.

I am a solution-driven perfectionist and this is what drew me to accounting in the first place. I realised I really wanted to become an accountant back in 1999 while doing an assignment that included balancing a balance sheet. The pride and joy I felt at that moment were indescribable. It was then that I knew I was going to do ACCA.

My husband has had the greatest influence in my life and career. He has always supported me in pursuing my goals, no matter what they are.

As a mother in an executive position, it was increasingly difficult to find a work-life balance

I left the corporate world for two reasons. As a mother in an executive position, it was increasingly difficult to find a work-life balance. The long hours were particularly challenging. I wanted to complete my MBA and needed time without distractions. I also had another child, so I decided it was best to focus on consultancy. This allowed me to have a much better work-life balance.

I am always stepping out of my comfort zone and have never limited myself to one sector. In taking on new jobs, I tap into my qualifications to apply my skills and expertise professionally.

My business tagline is ‘limitless boundaries’ because I do not think we must ever confine ourselves in life. We must push forward to be our best, which means we must take risks.

If I had the power, I would create laws with families in mind. I would consult with parents for their input into laws that will work well for their financial stability but, most importantly, for the family unit. Happy parents make the best employees.

What I enjoy most about my job is helping people. I love it.

I am an ACCA Advocate, president of my alma mater’s past pupils’ association, and a philanthropist. I also love to travel and cook.