These days, the topics of decarbonisation, net-zero commitment, climate risks and resilience top the agenda of political and business leaders globally.

We work with different parties, including international bodies, to help to solve climate-related problems. For example, we worked with the World Economic Forum to study and analyse what changes the China market needs to enhance the visibility and transparency of ESG (environmental, social and governance) information. We also advise policymakers and regulators to drive positive changes in the markets.

Ours is a big mission and that is what we, as a team, like about it. We are energised by having the chance to work in a Big Four firm where we get to work closely with key decision-makers and C-suite executives.

We advise and assist organisations to make a real, positive impact on the world. We bring private and public organisations together and bridge the capability gap in the market. With the entire world focusing on climate change and ESG, my team and I are fascinated by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which helps us to handle the day-to-day challenges.

With the entire world focusing on climate change and ESG, my team and I are fascinated by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Thinking back to how I got my start in accounting brings back memories, but I would not change a thing. My favourite subjects as a final-year student on the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s business administration undergraduate programme were international business studies and marketing, but I chose auditing when making my first career choice.

The role of the accountant has certainly evolved from its earlier standardised and predictable nature. The business landscape has also greatly changed in the past decade thanks to digital transformation, artificial intelligence, big data and the internet of things, as well as the arrival of 5G and 6G. Climate change and decarbonisation have brought another wave of changes.

The business landscape will continue to evolve rapidly over the next decade, and no one will have all the answers. But a willingness and ability to work outside one’s comfort zone and collaborate with third-party experts will be a requisite.

I personally see tremendous opportunities for the accounting profession, with so many roles that an accountant could play in business. World and business leaders need help in anticipating and addressing complex business problems as well as optimising opportunities, and we can help via strategising, raising capital and managing risks.