I started my career in 1997 with ABB Finance as a bookkeeping clerk. I was very lucky to have a boss who supported me in gaining my professional qualifications. He showed me the career path to becoming a chief accountant and recommended me for a leadership position. This colleague inspired me to become an accountant. However, I would not have been successful without long-term support from my wife. Currently, I am group CFO for Kajot, which provides online gaming solutions.

I come from a small Czech town where there was no opportunity to join an existing accounting practice. When I first dealt with accountants from the Big Four firms, I realised that to work alongside them I had to look at professional qualifications. I first qualified with the local Czech body and then continued with ACCA.

Kajot spans several gaming enterprises. We set up our online gaming division three years ago and have also been operating land-based businesses in several regions. These have suffered much more from the pandemic than our online offerings.

Opening a bank account for online gaming normally takes six to nine months because of compliance checks

I find the most challenging aspect to online gaming is the relationship with the banking industry. Like gaming, banks have tough regulations and servicing gaming may be an issue for them. Opening a bank account in online gaming needs compliance checks and negotiations that normally take six to nine months. This requires careful planning.

What I like about accounting is that anything that happens in the company will sooner or later appear in the books. You can use this information to provide forward-looking analysis. Accounting is not just about recording history, but also about providing useful insights. I like that I can add value to the business.

If I had the power to change the law, I would push for simplification. In today’s society, we create too many specific laws. Rather than having laws as a subsequent reaction to what has happened, I would call for more general laws and common sense. I think the way forward here is through case law rather than specific rules.

My greatest achievement has been winning the confidence of the CEO to manage the compliance and financial founding of the online gaming division of Kajot Group. This has been a great success and has helped the group to overcome the pandemic revenue decrease from our land-based operations.

If I was not an accountant, I would like to have a custom motorcycle business. I enjoy unique things, so this would give me the potential to create bikes like no other. During my childhood I spent a lot of time in my grandfather’s garage, so it would be a credit to him, too.

My wife and I started to play tennis as beginners three years ago. It is great fun and we keep improving. I am also a fan of science fiction, both reading and watching. When I can, I commute to the office on my bicycle. I find this puts me a good mood both on arrival and when I get back at home.