I believe everything happens for a reason. When I was growing up, if you achieved good grades, you’d typically be encouraged down a science pathway. I was conflicted by wanting to follow such a path, but also having an interest in business and finance.

While I went into a science stream at high school, I also purposely chose accounting as an elective, just in case, which turned out to be a good decision. I found finance attractive because it has universal relevance – it’s vital on both a business and personal level, unlike the complex scientific formulas I’d learnt.

I always keep in mind that as well as what I can get, there is what I can give

After graduating with an accountancy degree from the University of Malaya, I worked in assurance at PwC Kuala Lumpur. Working as an external auditor gave me exposure to various businesses, while also challenging me with a steep learning curve. Yes, it could be very stressful due to the workload, but it was also enjoyable thanks to the people I met and worked with.

I pursued the ACCA Qualification while at PwC, which was a rollercoaster of an experience – juggling work, study and a personal life – but it was a worthwhile decision and I have zero regrets.

I left PwC as a senior manager after getting an offer from IJM Land, one of Malaysia’s top property developers. One of the reasons for the move to commercial accountancy was to be closer to my family in Sarawak.

What I enjoy most about my job is not only my finance roles but the joyful experience of handing over a unit to house buyers. You can see their smiles and how happy they are getting the keys to their new home.

I am not from a wealthy background and my parents always emphasised the importance of trying to do your best, staying humble and respecting others in the way you want others to respect you. I’m lucky that I have strong support from family, friends and colleagues, who are always available when I’m facing an obstacle.

My inspiration is my family and the people around me. I always keep in mind that as well as what I can get, there is what I can give. We may not enjoy clear skies every day but, with the support of the people in our lives, I think we can achieve anything.