With accountancy transforming to meet the opportunities and challenges of our changing world, the demand for forward-thinking finance professionals has never been greater.

ACCA has launched Career Navigator to help members plan the journey ahead.

Career Navigator is an online resource that offers guidance on what capabilities you might need in future and how to acquire these new skills. It also connects you with the latest jobs and talent; and explores the multiple career paths and roles that you could pursue in the future, wherever you are on your journey.

Getting started

Career Navigator will help you do the following:

  • Understand the core capabilities that will give you the edge at different stages of your career journey and set you apart as a sustainable business and finance professional.
  • Plan your career path by exploring emerging career opportunities and current roles mapped to the blend of capabilities these require.
  • Access relevant learning, from ACCA and its partners, to develop the skills needed to achieve your short and long-term goals.
  • Find your dream job or recruit the best and brightest talent by connecting with ACCA Careers – the world’s leading employability site for accountancy and finance professionals.

Further information

See also ACCA’s report Professional accountants at the heart of sustainable organisations for insights about finance talent management, and listen on demand to the webinar presenting the key findings of the research.