I think accountancy is one of the most dynamic, exciting and relevant professions. It’s continually evolving, and we have a positive influence on businesses, helping to navigate complex decisions that ultimately drive the economy. It’s such an exciting space to be in.

My role at flinder is to lead the brand and strategy. We build and run smart finance functions for fast-growth and complex businesses. We use technology to simplify complex data and deliver insight to enable better business decisions. We are sharing the technology, processes and philosophies that we are building for the wider benefit of the profession.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk and pivot quickly if it doesn’t work

If you’re on a digital transformation journey, I recommend that you listen, learn and collaborate with others. Understand your challenges and your clients’ challenges. Search for technology that will reduce that friction and don’t use technology for the sake of it. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and pivot quickly if it doesn’t work.

If I hadn’t gone down the accounting route, I’d probably be an architect. As a child, I would draft elevations and house plans. I loved creating something from just an idea.

One of my proudest achievements is qualifying with ACCA. Others include living and working in a different country, taking the risk to start flinder from a very secure and promising career at PwC, supporting more than 30 people in their careers to become talented professionals, and winning three Accounting Excellence awards in one night – that was pretty special.

If you ever get the opportunity to live in another country or culture, take it. It will diversify your thinking significantly. I spent three years in Amsterdam with PwC. It was an incredible experience and one that’s certainly shaped me – both personally and professionally.