After high school I was keen to do something that could give me recognition quickly. That’s why I started the ACCA Qualification, but in the course of my study journey ACCA became my passion.

I have a strong background in the financial industry, mostly in technology and related security tasks. As well as being an ACCA member, I am a member of ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) and a registered consultant for SAP software. I have also completed a number of other courses and certifications, most recently ACCA’s guide to the applications of blockchain and machine learning in finance, which I found fascinating.

I love that my skills and experience enable me to cover both business functions and technology. They allow me to solve complex problems that require a combination of both sets of knowledge. I was lucky to have started my career in a small tech startup where I got hands-on experience of big issues from day one, getting involved in technology projects for Big Four accountancy firms. I am fortunate that many people have helped shape my life and career, most notably my family, who have consistently supported me.

It is essential that businesses develop a security-first culture and work towards a collective defence

I developed a fascination with technology and its growing impact on our daily lives and this motivated me to find a new version of myself. It was not easy to get up to speed with technology, but I feel I am now at the leading edge of how technologies solve problems, and how businesses can invest to get the best possible return.

Amid rising numbers of cyber incidents and more stringent compliance requirements, businesses are beginning to focus on cybersecurity risk. There is still a significant gap in capability, though. No one technology can guarantee cybersecurity – its effectiveness is contingent on the situation, training programmes, controls and consistent security assessments.

Businesses often adopt complex digital initiatives to handle investments, with no plan to spend on security evaluations. It’s an approach that can bring down an empire of investment and jeopardise potential future investment. It is essential that businesses develop a security-first culture and work towards a collective defence in which they focus on the entire infrastructure, from the organisational level right up to the national level.

I believe that stabilising and enforcing existing laws is even more important than creating new laws. I would focus on reducing the time it takes to apply a law.

I love the great degree of freedom I have in my job. Being in a technological field brings me adventures in my professional life. It is always changing, and every day is different. My job also enables me to enjoy my other passions in life.

I have a nearly 98% retention rate of contacts I have worked with. It’s my biggest achievement. I have also worked alongside many different professionals, trained hundreds of people, and collaborated with more than 50 well-known organisations across the globe.

I think I could have been an athlete, particularly a footballer or a swimmer, if I had wanted. However, I dragged myself away from football grounds and swimming pools to devote my time to studying. I have no regrets.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring nature. I also like jogging, swimming, volunteering and conducting research. Having a good lifestyle entails being mentally and emotionally well, as well as leaving positive social imprints.