In this issue, we consider why Chinese companies listed or planning to list in the US may be rethinking that decision of the wake of new regulations, and how options closer to home may prove beneficial in accessing capital.

We look at the tax issues posed by the use of non-fungible tokens in the market and why digital art is in the regulators’ sights. And, as Asia experiences a golf boom, we find out how the professional game is becoming big business and fuelling an interest in developing clubs and facilities.

Meanwhile, our columnists write on why Asia is facing inflation challenges from the fallout of rising global prices and a hike in interest rates, and how Hong Kong employees are looking at ways to regain equilibrium.

Our main interview this month is with Mark Ma Jin FCCA, co-founder of Beijing consultancy Brook & Partners. A prolific author as well as a part-time lecturer, Ma explains how he manages to balance his successful career.

Also, we look at the 12 competencies needed by finance professionals to succeed in green finance. As ACCA’s head of sustainability Emmeline Skelton warns: ‘Green job creation will be a huge part of the transition to net zero, and the finance community can enable business to kickstart the processes.’

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