I started my career as a finance trainee at an international telecommunications company in Cambodia. I’m good with numbers and I was born and raised in a family that runs its own small business.

Currently, I’m the director of finance at a private university in Cambodia. Previously, I was a member of senior management in charge of finance and other support functions at a multinational corporation and an international not-for-profit organisation. My current role provides many opportunities to utilise not only finance skills, but also as a finance business partner to support and improve the business for long-term success.

It is very challenging for people living in a small country with a big dream

My biggest career influence are my parents, especially my mum. No matter the challenges or difficulties, she always smiles and works hard to move forward. She has been my inspiration ever since I was young, not only with financial assistance, but also mental and emotional support. Whenever I encounter a rough road and want to give up, I think of her, which provides me with the willpower to push on.

Cambodia is a newly emerging economy that attracts lots of foreign investors, despite having a much smaller population – just 16 million – than most of its regional neighbours. Incoming foreign investment brings a lot of value to Cambodia, such as job opportunities and new ways of operating businesses. We’re also seeing a lot of improvements to infrastructure from the government with the aim of attracting and encouraging such investment.

I feel lucky that I am Generation Y as I can enjoy technology, such as smartphones, and travel with little restriction. Moreover, once Industry 4.0 is truly under way – and hopefully it will come to Cambodia soon – I will get to enjoy and witness even more progress.

My biggest career achievement to date is becoming an ACCA member while working. I’m proud of my dedication in achieving this milestone because it is very challenging for people living in a small country with a big dream. ACCA adds a lot of value to my career growth and prospects.

I feel lucky that I am Generation Y as I can enjoy technologyand travel with little restriction

I do have aspirations in business. I took a career break in 2019 to pursue a master’s degree in international business and entrepreneurship in the UK. The journey taught me a lot and has added value to my career back here in Cambodia.

If I weren’t an accountant, I would run my own business. Something along the lines of a consultancy firm supporting SMEs in Cambodia, I think.