Having achieved a degree in accounting at Africa University in Zimbabwe, I started my career at HLB Zimbabwe Chartered Accountants in 2006. After six years, I was ready for a step up, and moved to Agriculture Development Corporation as group finance manager.

Next, I became CFO at the Institute of Water and Sanitation Development (IWSD), a non-governmental organisation. I relinquished the executive role just a year later, though, when I was appointed to the IWSD board, becoming chair of its audit and finance committee.

Simultaneously, I was headhunted by a new company, Molsky Investments, a distributor of branded products. As its founding director of finance I had the opportunity to set up the finance department and formulate controls for the business, and subsequently became its operations director.

The inconsistency of policy in Zimbabwe makes it difficult to plan for the long term

In 2015, myself and two former workmates began the formation of our own practice, which gained its practising licence in 2016. Building KFN International was my night job until 2021 when I left my other roles to focus full-time on developing the firm.

We’ve grown KFN through marketing strategies and referrals from existing customers. We participate in tenders requesting our services. Our hands-on approach to service provision has benefited us through referrals from existing clients.

I believe a successful partner should be a good communicator, who listens more and talks less, and is always willing to learn. They should also be a leader who motivates team members. They should not just be a manager, but a good team member too. They should always stand up for their values.

In starting a practice, I was looking for more than financial rewards. Having obtained skills from both the corporate and practice world, I believe I should use these to give back to my professional community by training aspiring accountants.

Training and mentoring young accountants is what I enjoy most about my job. It brings me joy when our trainee accountants join us as students and, having passed their exams, leave as professionals. I also enjoy seeing the passion and enthusiasm of my team. It’s good to see them learn, grow and think creatively.

Entrepreneurship is about providing solutions to problems, and some have found opportunities in the challenges our country faces

The inconsistency of policy in Zimbabwe poses a challenge to businesses, as it makes it difficult to plan for the long term. Our currency has been depreciating relative to major currencies, resulting in people losing confidence. This stifles economic growth as trading is done in foreign exchange.

It is difficult to get foreign lines of credit for Zimbabwean companies as we are considered red flags by foreign financial institutions. However, entrepreneurship is about providing solutions to problems, and some have found opportunities in the challenges our country faces.

If I had law-making powers, I would make it compulsory for all registered trading companies to be audited. An audit adds value to the operation of a company, as systems are reviewed by an independent professional. Most SMEs in Zimbabwe fail due to poor operating systems.

My biggest achievement has been turning my dream of having a practice into a reality and sustaining it thus far. I’m also proud of passing the ACCA Qualification at my first attempt.

In my spare time I enjoy exercising and travelling. I love reading and spending time with my family too.