I’m writing this in July on the eve of a major global sporting event in Birmingham, UK – the Commonwealth Games. I have a busy day in my own calendar. It’s packed with a variety of events, which demonstrate once again that ACCA represents a worldwide commonwealth of accountants.

I have the privilege of speaking at a prizewinners’ awards night in Bangladesh and a new members’ ceremony in Bulgaria – from Dublin alas, as Covid travel protocols dictate. On the same evening, our vice-president Joseph Owolabi speaks at a webinar on sustainable finance in Indonesia – again, via video.

It says so much about ACCA and our reach that at around the same time on a single day, an Irish president and an Australia-based Nigerian vice-president are joining with members across continents, flying the flag for ACCA and strengthening the bonds between us.

Turbulent times

These unbreakable links mean so much more at times of uncertainty, such as those we are experiencing right now: war in mainland Europe; economic turbulence; climate crises everywhere.

Yet the power of our global connections means that we are in a position to make a contribution to tackling the big issues that face us all.


Orla Collins, ACCA president

We’re a force for public good. We lead the global accountancy profession by creating opportunity


On 16 August we launch our new theme, Accounting for a better world – your career, which highlights the ways in which ACCA members and future members can play their part in promoting sustainable business and healthy societies in our own countries and communities.

At ACCA we have an amazing story to tell about how we’ve been dedicated to those same values since we were founded more than a century ago. It’s still right there in our purpose: ‘We’re a force for public good. We lead the global accountancy profession by creating opportunity.’

In the modern era, we are making our biggest contribution to answering the biggest questions of our time by signing up to meet specific targets linked with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What can we do?

It’s about asking ourselves the question: what can we as individuals do in our own roles, and in our own organisations? It’s about taking STEPS, seeing how you can contribute practically to the UN SDGs with these in mind:

  • S – Share with your connections – use your influence to raise awareness of SDGs in your workplace
  • T – Take time to upskill – keep your knowledge up to date
  • E – Ethics and fairness – promoting fairness and transparency at work
  • P – Power of accountancy – using your expertise to help businesses make decisions that promote sustainability
  • S – Steer positive change – share stories, celebrate success, speak up, build connections.

That’s the common vision that unites all ACCA members – in Bulgaria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, or wherever we happen to be on this good, green Earth.

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