I studied finance and economics when I was at university in Australia. After I graduated and came back to Hong Kong, I wanted to be a real business professional with a challenging and rewarding career, so being an accountant at PwC was a no-brainer.

I am now a partner in the corporate tax practice. My job includes providing tax and business solutions for clients, fostering client relationships, soliciting business for the firm and developing new products, as well as coaching and empowering staff.

We need to lead by example, wearing multiple hats while delivering outstanding client services

I like the fact that I get to meet people from all walks of life and help solve their problems. I also love getting involved in exciting and high-profile projects that make an impact on people’s lives and our future as a community. The job brings me new questions every day as our profession and daily work are constantly evolving, but I still cherish opportunities to grow and learn.

It is increasingly important to have excellent communication skills, strong cultural awareness and a global perspective to work alongside different people, including those outside the industry. These qualities have become more essential than simply focusing on accounting knowledge and are the biggest differences from when I first joined the sector more than 15 years ago.

We need to embrace the inevitable changes in our profession and turn them into opportunities. An impactful area of change is that there are now more projects involving digital transformation and collaboration with IT professionals, which are emerging arenas that I have been heavily involved in over recent years.

The partner role as an accountant is a very busy one. We need to lead by example, wearing multiple hats while delivering outstanding client services. Beyond work, I am a proud father of an energetic baby boy. By joining the journey of digital transformation in our accounting sector, I hope we will be empowered to prioritise high-value assignments, driving efficiency and achieving better work-life balance.

I am an avid tennis enthusiast and enjoy watching movies in my downtime. Now, obviously, I spend much of my time playing with my son and watching him grow each day.