This month AB continues to look at post-pandemic recovery, with an exploration of CEOs’ expectations for the global economy this year, and what Nigeria needs to do to increase its tax take to provide much needed funds.

Our main interview is with Thomas Banda FCCA, director of finance and administration at the African Union’s specialist committee on water. An example of how the profession can support the delivery of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, he talks of the satisfaction he derives from a career spent working for the public good.

We also have practical guidance in the form of a case study from Marriott International on how to merge the tax and accounting function; an exploration of the value of a CFO; and tips for members contemplating a change of direction in their career.

Of particular interest to practitioners, we look at the impact of culture on audit – whether similar ancestral backgrounds between auditors and CFOs affect reporting outcomes.

In terms of CPD units on offer this month, you can read up on how IFRS 17 is changing the accounting for insurance contracts. We also continue our series of ‘fundamentals of IFRS’ with a video on IAS 40.

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