BCC Accountants is a two-partner practice supported by a team of 30 employees. We have provided services to SMEs, sole traders, partnerships and individuals for over 30 years. We have a particular specialism in the medical sector and act for a significant percentage of general practitioners in Ireland. We are also members of the Xeinadin Group of more than 1,500 advisers in the UK and Ireland. The goal with all our clients is the same: to deliver a high-quality service that is personal and efficient.

I am among those in the firm with a specialism in the medical profession and have a deep understanding of the possible complications in their tax returns. That expertise is expressed in diverse ways, ranging from auditing, general accounting and taxation advice, annual compliance, and management information to corporate finance and consultancy. I also advise on acquisitions, disposals and mergers.

Where a balance between home and office can be achieved it means better quality of life for many

Looking to 2022, our goal is to continue to develop the technological side of the practice to provide real-time information for our clients. I would say the outlook among our clients is currently mixed to positive in terms of business profitability and performance sentiments. However, it is undoubtedly negative in terms of the psychological impact of the ongoing Covid pandemic. I think the majority of people are worn out by the ongoing uncertainty of the situation: for every positive on the horizon, there seems to be a corresponding negative looming.

The most positive action the government could take to support businesses in Ireland would be to allow as many sectors to reopen as much as possible, where safe to do so. If a sector needs to be restricted in capacity or activity, continued support should be applied. Revenue needs to continue to be flexible in working with advisers and business owners to ensure as many businesses as possible survive once everything returns to normal.

What I personally would like to see change in Ireland as society reopens is a better work/life balance that endures far into the future. The foundations have been established with remote working (where possible), and it would be good to see everyone spend less time commuting. I still feel it is important that some interaction with colleagues in an office environment continues, but where a balance between home and office can be achieved it means better quality of life for many.

The most important business lesson I have learned in my career is to engage with people. Our business is one of numbers but strong interpersonal relationships are key to providing the best possible service.