I would describe myself as a problem-solver for my clients and the people that I work with within the local and global BDO networks.

My role involves providing tax advice in important business moves, such as corporate reorganisation, and being a tax agent on various matters with Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue, including tax filing, tax relief applications and mutual tax treaty procedures. I also stay ahead of the latest international and local tax developments such as BEPS to advise clients, provide input through professional bodies and update colleagues internally.

It comes naturally for me to stay vigilant about tax law developments, because I personally never believe in what people call the ‘comfort zone’

I studied law as an undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong. Revenue law, as it was then called, was one of my favourite academic subjects. Then, like most of my peers, I attended a few campus recruitment functions.

At one of these functions, I was impressed by the career advice from a young tax partner at a Big Four firm. This person, also a law alumnus from the University of Hong Kong, became one of the partners I worked for in my first job after graduation. He told me if I was looking for a career that would be intellectually challenging and rewarding at the same time, tax in public practice could be a good choice. I decided then and there to pursue a career in tax.

The challenge of recruiting the younger generation to join the profession is one that all accountancy firms face. The additional challenges we tax practitioners encounter include being able to keep up with evolutions in international requirements for tax transparency, which also drive rapid changes in tax laws, reporting and compliance at local jurisdictional level.

It comes naturally for me to stay vigilant about tax law developments, because I personally never believe in what people call the ‘comfort zone’. My advice is, move away from your comfort zone if you still believe there is such a thing. In today’s world, it’s not just the professional arena that matters – many aspects of life cannot be taken for granted. We have to change our mindset.

You have to ask yourself, why should people come to you instead of another adviser or employer? What distinguishes you? Know yourself well. Know what your competitive edges are. Choose your fight.

Outside of work, I am a regular yoga practitioner. Yoga connects my mind with my body and helps maintain my physical strength. I read books to take in new input and perspectives for my mind. One of my best reads in the past couple of years has been The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger, former CEO of Disney.

Travel used to be a big part of my life before Covid-19. I love exotic destinations, and the most interesting places I have visited include Bhutan and Cuba.