Businesses will always needed quantitative financial information to make sound decisions, and I have always understood numbers. My desire to play with numbers and derive meaning from them led me to pursue the accounting profession.

At the start of my career, I worked for SandMartin Consultants, an accounting firm with an outsourcing model. My role helped me develop an understanding of various industries and the importance of timely reporting for decision-making.

Working at a firm with a new setup fosters a mindset for problem-solving

Managing this position and preparing for the ACCA examinations was a demanding task, but it taught me about time management and prioritisation, which have been instrumental in shaping these early stages of my career.

In 2020, soon after completing my ACCA exams, I pivoted from a management accounting role to a financial controllership role at EPE Administration. This straddled the divide between pure accounting, client reporting and taxation, and introduced me to the whole range of  services. Understanding client expectations instilled confidence in me and a determination to get to the next level.

My current role as a manager at TC Outsourcing, the Indian offshoot of a UK-based accountancy firm, has brought a change of emphasis. It sees me lead a services line and build something concrete from the ground up. Working at a firm that has a new setup brings with it a lot of challenges, but it also fosters a mindset for problem-solving.

Working for an accounting firm has given me exposure to a varied clientele, from construction to charities. I have learnt about different industries and how to tailor services to their needs. Decisions taken by accounting firms directly impact the business of their clients and are instrumental to their growth.

India’s startup ecosystem is the third largest in the world and offers a lot to entrepreneurs

The outsourcing model can help companies worldwide reduce their costs. It offers the flexibility to manage human resources with specialised services, enabling companies to focus more on their core business.

I definitely think there will be more outsourcing worldwide, especially in India, where the availability of skilled human resources at much lower cost provides a good value proposition.

Fear of failure is the primary hurdle entrepreneurs face. India’s education system celebrates success while penalising failure. As a result, people grow up with a fear of failure, which is a barrier to taking the risks required for a startup. It is critical to have faith in your vision, strive relentlessly toward your goals and believe that anything is possible.

Fear of failure is a barrier to taking the risks required in a startup

India’s startup ecosystem is the third largest in the world and offers a lot to entrepreneurs in terms of investment and market size for business development, which will in turn also provide growth for the economy.

Access to education is a fundamental right in India for children aged six to 14. If I had lawmaking powers, I would extend this right to include higher and vocational education, too, as I strongly believe such a policy would help us to realise our demographic dividend.

The most enjoyable aspect of my job is satisfying my clients' needs through efficient reporting and meaningful insights to help drive their business. I like being a vital part of the firm’s setup as I’m involved in bringing in new processes and clients. My ACCA membership gives a big boost to my plans as it instills confidence among clients and colleagues in my abilities.

If I weren’t an accountant, I would have been a mechanical engineer, given my science background in high school.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching world cinema and TV series, and following cricket.