Our cover interview this month is with Toseef Din FCCA, CEO of not-for-profit MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. She explains how her finance foundation has propelled her from FD to the top role in just a decade, and why she is proud to oversee a succession plan that has seen women fill 75% of her leadership team.

In the month where we celebrate International Women’s Day, we also explore the potential boost to Africa’s economic growth that could result from accelerating progress towards gender equality, and how opening the way for more women to participate at government level would send out a strong signal.

Public pressure is also driving a focus on sustainability and environmental issues, but in some cases companies need to back up their media soundbites with firm actions, as our feature explains.

Also included this month are articles on how blockchain can play a role in ESG activity, Somalia’s drive for reliable data, and how televised quizzes, TV dramas and computer games are just some of the ways that governments can improve tax compliance.

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