When I was in high school, I always dreamt about a career in the accounting and finance industry. My uncle had a big influence on my decision, as he had built a successful accounting career and often took the time to introduce me to basic accounting and economics concepts. I found this very interesting, even though I could not understand it all at the time.

I was later encouraged to read business books, and this reading habit deepened my interest, so it was natural for me to choose accounting as my undergraduate major.

Being an auditor helped me put theoretical knowledge into practice and sharpened my problem-solving skills

I am an ACCA affiliate and currently an accountant in audit assurance at KPMG China, where I am responsible for assisting senior staff with audits. This work spans different areas from tests of controls and analytical procedures to tests of details. l also occasionally draft accounts for smaller companies.

Being an auditor helped me put theoretical knowledge into practice and sharpened my problem-solving skills. I do enjoy the camaraderie in the team; there is no bureaucracy, and everyone loves to share and teach each other.

Mainland China has made huge strides in boosting its own economy since joining the World Trade Organization two decades ago. As convergence between Chinese and international accounting standards continues, there will be a growing number of accountants who will choose to work overseas.

It is often said that, in the very near future, everything related to accounting will be digitalised. I admit that there is scope for automation when it comes to the more straightforward and repetitive tasks, but we can also embrace new technologies and innovation to upskill ourselves. Accountants should work hard and play hard, keep learning and arm themselves with knowledge.

In my spare time, I am enthusiastic about working out, which helps me to stay fit. I also like to wander the streets after eating; this can be quite relaxing, especially after a busy workday. I enjoying finding out about what and where to eat through social media posts. I have been able to explore Hong Kong through hundreds of great restaurants that were recommended by YouTubers.