This month, we learned in the Queen’s Speech that the government has watered down its plans for audit reform and that there might not even be enough parliamentary time to debate the draft legislation. Jane Fuller remains hopeful that the Audit Reporting and Governance Authority can still eventually deliver.

As the invasion of Ukraine continues, we look at how contract law may affect agreements with sanctions-hit suppliers.

Also in the headlines, Lord Sugar revealed his struggles in adapting to the modern business environment by suggesting that professional accountants can’t be trusted to set their own work schedules. Robert Bruce highlights that enlightened leaders are embracing change in order to motivate today’s workforce. 

In other workplace news, business psychologist Dr Rob Yeung explores the interview techniques that can help you pick the right candidate for the job.

Finally, as we prepare for the start of Wimbledon, we look at how the major tennis tournaments are expected to bounce back from their hefty financial losses during the pandemic.

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