My career started in a small accounting office, which gave me a great background. I then moved into different multinational companies operating in various sectors.

During my exciting career in finance, I have had a chance to work for global fast-moving consumer goods companies, in start-up businesses and for NGOs.

My inspiration to become an accountant was linked to the decade in which I started my studies. This was a period of big economic change in Poland, and I began my first accounting job in the same year that Poland entered the EU. I thought that in order to understand these changes, accounting would be the perfect choice.

My cross-sector experience has helped me to develop my empathy and management skills

After 15 years of working in different corporations I wanted to try something totally different. In a career break, I went to work for an NGO. It was a great experience and I met many extraordinary people. I was soon asking myself: am I using my talents in the best possible way?

When I was offered a job in large audit firm, I decided to return as I saw that this position gave me new opportunities. I could use my skills and have a real impact on my environment, while still supporting social causes through programmes run by the firm.

I think working across various sectors has been very beneficial to me. I am able to understand different business models and reporting standards but, more importantly, I have met great people from many different countries. My cross-sector experience has also helped me to develop my empathy and management skills.

Entrepreneurs in Poland face many challenges such as rising inflation, the increasing cost of financing and now unpredictability resulting from the war in Ukraine and its effects on neighbouring countries. Polish companies are helping refugees, providing food, clothes, places to live and working possibilities. However, operating under the permanent pressure of this situation is a real challenge.

When you know accounting, you can see how businesses develop and then better understand the whole story behind them

Additionally, big tax changes were introduced in 2022, along with the implementation of a standardised format for e-invoices. However, we have also seen real growth in the e-commerce sector that reflects the new habits of post-pandemic customers.

If I had law-making powers, I would introduce a four-day working week. This would provide the opportunity to lead a more ecological and mindful way of life, encouraging people to spend time on activities that develop them mentally and socially, such as voluntary work.

What I enjoy about my job in finance is creating value, and accounting sets up a framework to measure this value. When you know accounting, you can see how businesses develop and then better understand the whole story behind them.

I believe my biggest achievement is yet to come. However, I am proud of being an ACCA member, as it gives me the freedom to choose which field I want to work in and help to create value, too.

If I were not an accountant, I would open a hostel, called an albergue, on the Santiago Trail, in Galicia, hosting people from all over the world. It would be combined with an art studio, as in my free time I am keen on developing my painting and drawing skills.

I like watercolour painting, silk painting and all the new techniques of artistic expression. Nowadays, there are so many possibilities to develop interests through online courses and participation.