I am fortunate to have had over 21 years of diverse work experience in both public and private sectors. I currently work as a deputy director general in the Punjab Public Private Partnership Authority (PPPPA), where I manage the Project Development Facility Fund alongside other financial tasks. Previously I was head of risk management and a corporate governance specialist in the Punjab government’s finance department.

I started my career with ACCA Pakistan, working as a finance executive, before joining the Kashf Foundation, a leading microfinance institution. I was attracted by and still believe in its vision of financial services for all in a poverty-free and gender-equal society.

Next I joined the First National Bank Modaraba, a specialist in Islamic finance, as manager for risk and accounts. While there, I became the bank’s youngest ever assistant vice president which made me very proud.

An important part of the role is knowing you have contributed to the development of your country

My current employer, PPPPA, aims to create an encouraging environment to support investment. This in turn generates successful public private partnerships across many development areas in order to grow the economy. The PPP model is being adopted by developing economies across the world as an effective way of adding to a country’s development portfolio.

The authority was set up in 2020 to devise a strategy and develop a portfolio of PPP projects. Like many young organisations, it faces challenges. These include human resource issues, financial matters and streamlining procedures. At the same time, it must develop and execute PPP projects across Punjab.

I joined PPPPA determined to prove myself in a strategic arm of the government of Punjab. What I enjoy about my job is the great feeling one gets from being part of an important new institution. Despite the challenges, there’s a sense of achievement when you are contributing to the national cause.

The authority has hired a high-calibre team, which has achieved many successes. That said, the continuing confidence of the private sector is always important, as its absence is a major roadblock to the implementation of a PPP project.

The public sector is a demanding place to pursue a career, but it is also full of promise. Accountants should consider the sector in their career choices as there is much that needs to be done. As qualified professionals they can make a great contribution.

I believe the public sector has come to realise the importance of employing high-quality human resources and the work is now paid well. However, an important part of a public sector role is the sense of achievement, knowing that you have contributed to the development of your region and country.

I am a strong advocate of consistency, so laws should be kept stable and not be changed abruptly. If I had law-making powers, I would give ACCA members with practice experience the right to audit and sign audit reports across Pakistan.

Alongside my work, I am involved in teaching and training within ACCA, both locally and abroad. I was also elected to the local ACCA members network panel.

My biggest achievements include passing all my ACCA papers at the first attempt and being the youngest ACCA in my region. I was always inclined to be a finance professional, but if I had to select another profession then I would create my own business. It would be satisfying to develop my entrepreneurial skills and contribute to society in that way.

Social responsibility towards my community is close to my heart, so I formed a welfare concern. I am one of the founder members of Haqooq ul Ebad Welfare Trust, which was set up to help the under-privileged through the provision of medical, educational and business support. This takes up a lot of my spare time but I don’t begrudge it in the least.