It was my uncles, all successful accountants, and my father who influenced my choice of career. I was all set to study science in my secondary education, but my dad suggested I read business and pursue accounting straightaway. I haven’t looked back and now hold a degree in economics and an MBA from Coventry University in the UK.

On the back of these qualifications, I have gained over 12 years’ experience in accounting and finance, with a focus in the real estate, investment banking and hospitality industries. Like many people, I started out in private practice; however, after that the opportunities that came my way were all in the corporate world.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine impacted many businesses in Ghana and the real estate sector was no exception

After my spell in practice, in 2009 I joined HFC Bank (now Republic Bank), staying there for more than six years. I rose through the ranks, from accounts officer to head of finance, then group financial accountant. Next, I joined TG Holdings, a company with a diversified portfolio of interests, where I had responsibility for financial management and group financial reporting. My last port of call before taking on my current role in 2019 was as head of finance at Broll Ghana, also a property management company.

In 2016, I opted for a voluntary severance package at HFC Bank. It certainly took me out of my comfort zone, but I decided to take a career break to reflect and relaunch my career. The break did me good and since then I have found new ways to challenge myself in my career.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has impacted many businesses in Ghana and the real estate sector was no exception. The potential effect of the war on our business was mitigated to some extent by our preparedness. Interestingly, most of the properties purchased by homeowners are not financed by mortgages, so the interest rate isn’t a major factor of property sales. However, one of the key drivers for property sales is the prevailing exchange rate, since most properties are priced in dollars in Ghana, and this been affected by the global upheaval.

What I enjoy about my job is imparting the knowledge I have acquired over the years to young professionals. I have given opportunities to many individuals, and I see their success as my biggest achievement. Empowering individuals and providing support to enable young people to attain their full potential has been important to me. I feel helping people achieve their dreams and grow is a measure of one's own success.

If I weren’t in finance, I would have pursued a career in the food and hospitality industry

I also like being part of a team that sees a development project through from start to finish. I get excited especially when a property is finally handed over to the client.

If I had law-making powers I would enact strict laws to regulate the real estate and construction industry in Ghana. I’m sad to say there isn’t strong adherence to best practice in the sector, and some industry players operate without adequate supervision and compliance checks from regulatory agencies.

If I weren’t in finance, I would have pursued a career in the food and hospitality industry. Good food is in my blood, as my family ran a food processing business. In 2016 my wife and I established our own business, Delice Food Company, making snacks that we sell at various outlets.

In my spare time I like to travel and make new friends, and I love football. I currently manage two footballers and I’m searching for opportunities for them abroad. I also enjoy engaging in humanitarian projects through local Rotary clubs.