My mother is a banking professional and always had a knack for numbers. I also loved numbers, so when she handled the family finances, I would assist her. I believe this inspired me and developed my interest in finance and accounting.

My interest soon turned into a passion, and I took up accounting as a career. Having joined UHY Dubai as an audit trainee, I began to see that numbers had a story behind them, which excited me. I left UHY after six years and joined PwC Middle East, as senior associate.

As auditors we must be prepared to work outside our comfort zones, a challenge I took up while at PwC. The experience helped me to apply my knowledge and gave me exposure to various industries, with the opportunity to handle complex assignments. However, I soon felt the need to experience the other side of things and decided to explore other career opportunities, as I knew I needed to know both sides of the world of accounting and audit to achieve my overall career goal.

I wanted something I could put my all into, so I set up my own firm

In 2019, I was employed as accounts manager with real estate business Kennedy Towers. I headed the accounts team for all branches across the globe, including London, Spain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The volume of work was challenging, but I strived to build a strong accounting system, create efficient processes and forge a capable team. My time there was immensely enriching.

Following this, I decided to pursue my ultimate goal – entrepreneurship. I wanted something I could put my all into, something that would enable me to use all my experience and knowledge to the full extent, so I chose to set up my own firm, VVouch Accounting Services.

Most of my clients struggle to keep up with changing laws and accounting regulations. As the economy advances, businesses can get caught out by these changes, resulting in penalties. I continuously push myself to keep abreast of developments so that I am in a position to assist my clients in full compliance with the regulations.

Complex financial situations that need innovative solutions allow me to engage my problem-solving skills

If I had law-making powers, I would provide an option for businesses to file VAT returns monthly rather than quarterly. This would be beneficial as they would be required to reconcile their VAT records along with their books on this monthly basis. Organisations with a cashflow crunch find having to pay a larger amount quarterly burdensome. This change would enable them to make monthly smaller payments. Similarly, businesses that make exempt sales qualify for VAT refunds, so allowing them to file returns monthly would be a great way to ease their problems.

What I enjoy about my job is tackling complex financial situations that need innovative solutions. It allows me to engage my analytical and problem-solving skills. It is gratifying to know that my work has a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.

If I wasn’t an accountant I would probably have taken up electrical or computer engineering. When I was younger, I loved fixing broken appliances and computers at home.

In my spare time I find music highly therapeutic. It improves my mood and fends off stress and anxiety. I had the chance during childhood to learn a few instruments, which I still play to relax.