My interest in auditing began during my university years when I saw the profession as a gateway into the business world. It has since allowed me to gain exposure in myriad industries on an international scale.

On graduation, I started out as an auditor and soon found an interest in risk advisory. I was thrilled when I got an offer from RSM, as the firm’s risk advisory service is one of the best in the profession. I enjoy the empowering culture, the exciting assignments and the valuable guidance I have received over the past three years.

It is immensely rewarding to work with market leaders, understand their pain points and concerns, identify potential pitfalls, and propose feasible solutions. The job requires in-depth understanding of the company and its macro environment. It goes beyond crunching numbers and requires someone with critical thinking and sensitivity to perform well. It certainly gives me a strong sense of achievement.

There are challenges but also benefits to working in risk advisory. It requires cross-disciplinary knowledge, including financial analysis, licensing and legal compliance; this means I have to familiarise myself thoroughly with the industry and its regulatory compliance requirements before each project. The job is demanding but, at the same time, it enables me to build professionalism and self-growth.

I am currently based in the Chinese mainland, providing advisory services to enterprises and reviewing their internal control frameworks, including sales performance, fixed assets, human resources and IT. My responsibilities are to identify the impact and possibilities of operational risks and optimise enterprises’ risk responses.

The working pace in Hong Kong is mind-boggling, but it is also a path that will lead you to success

Growing up in southern China and being educated in Hong Kong has given me a broad understanding of mainland Chinese businesses and knowledge of Hong Kong listing compliance practices. Through cooperation with colleagues from different backgrounds, I have gained a lot of interdisciplinary knowledge to improve the quality of my solutions to clients.

With an increasing number of mainland Chinese businesses going overseas, the demand for audit and consulting services is on the rise. Hong Kong is a gateway for overseas companies to enter China, as much as it is a gateway for Chinese businesses to go international.

There are a lot of opportunities for accountants with a strong global vision. The working pace in Hong Kong is mind-boggling, but it is also a path that will lead you to success.